FSC-S for suppl o/r’s

Digital encoders bring increased proportionality to the supplementary outriggers in conjunction with FASSI Stability Control FSC-S / FSC-SII.

Replacing the existing linear micro switch with the digital encoder already used on the crane outriggers allows ‘mm’ precision measurement of the supplementary outrigger extension. In conjunction with FSC-S / FSC-SII this allows the system to proportionally optimise lifting capacity at every possible crane and supplementary outrigger position.

In the picture opposite the crane outriggers are at 25% extension and the supplementary outriggers at 25% & the crane has entered L2 with full lifting capacity controlled by the inclination sensor.

Internal hoses for the 5.8m and 6.9m supps:

At the same time as this development in the FSC system, FASSI have taken the opportunity to re-engineer the 5.8m and 6.9m supplementary outrigger beams with internal hoses and internal encoder wires. The elegant design packages critical components out of harms way and brings these beams into line with the rest of the hydraulic range.

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BRONZE for Andy Bedingfield

Avon Cranes’ Andy Bedingfield achieves BRONZE engineer accreditation

Andy’s career started when he became an apprentice PSV mechanic with The Bristol Omnibus Company. Following his time at the Omnibus Company he took a position with Silver Arrow an ERF dealership as a mechanic working on commercial vehicles. He moved on from Silver Arrow to Avon Cranes where he has been for the last twenty-eight years putting his wealth of experience to good use in the workshop and on site and he now holds the position as workshop Forman.

Avon Crane & Commercial Repairs are the FASSI main dealer for South West England. We are an ALLMI member with over 35 years’ crane experience, operating a fleet of vans for mobile support. We have been a FASSI authorised service partner since 2012, and Ben James and his team of engineers have built up a wealth of FASSI knowledge in that time.

The FASSI training academy is a structured training and coaching program leading to Bronze, Silver and Gold skills accreditation once the necessary skills have been demonstrated. It represents an investment in the installation, service & repair of FASSI cranes.

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Automatic Crane Folding

Instant opening & closing with Automatic Crane Folding

With the optional ACF system FASSI cranes are even easier to use.

Thanks to this new feature, operators can unfold or store the crane by a single manual command, which automatically activates a sequence of movements for correct positioning at the beginning and at the end of operations.

This new system allows for the automatic opening and closing of cranes, in particular to activate the return to rest sequence. Automatic Crane Folding can only operate without any load on the hook, and cylinders retracted (both on the hydraulic extension and on the crane itself). In any case, before activating the automatic closing sequence, the system always pressurises the rams on the crane and on the hydraulic extension.

Enabling of the Automatic Crane Folding function is indicated by a specific icon on the radio control unit display and by an acoustic signal. The system is deactivated via the same press of a button that was used for the activation.

Watch the video below to see it in action!

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