The latest addition to Southampton based Storage on Site’s fleet is the FASSI F485RA.2.25 xe-dynamic.We fitted the crane to a DAF 3 axle rigid chassis. SOS now have eight FASSI F485RA’s & a F710RA on their fleet, all supplied by us.

The FASSI F485RA belongs to the xe-dynamic range & maximises the performance potential granted by the HD5 design class.The performance increase achieved is indeed remarkable: the F485RA has a maximum lifting capacity of 48.42tm which is 9% more than the F455RA.2.22. This increased performance is achieved with no increase in weight over the F455A / F455RA & with a price difference of less than 5%.

“Storage on Site has invested heavily over the last two years in new vehicles to keep pace with its expansion in the container, cabin hire and sales sector. Wanting to move to a sole supplier for both cranes and vehicles, FASSI cranes were selected for their performance and weight savings compared to other competitors products, and because of their excellent manufacturer back up.

Having progressed from a mixed fleet, fitted with a variety of older cranes with a range of varying capabilities, Storage on Site recognised the advantages of a homologated fleet, in terms of vehicle / crane performance and also driver familiarity when swapping between vehicles.

As a family run business in an industry dominated by multi-national companies we have to optimise vehicle utilisation to ensure that we remain competitive, and these vehicles allow us to do just that.

We went to FASSI with a outline of what we wanted and in conjunction with Avon Cranes in Bristol we have got exactly what we wanted from these vehicles. Having now established the design to our own specifications we now have a product that we know will work straight out of the box, every time. “

Neil Vickery, managing director of Storage on Site.


From conception to completion

Liaising, discussing with customer, listening to their requirements and objectives – producing calculations and detailed layout drawing proposals, with the aid of such programs as Auto Cad, Trailer Win and FIP ( Fassi Installation Program ) to come up with the best all-round solutions and options for the customers’ requirements. Working closely with the customer and relevant truck manufacturers to ensure chassis suitability and optimum synergy between the Fassi loader and truck chassis. Once customer is happy with proposal producing final drawings and calculations that all parties are able to work to. Crane ordered at the factory and built to customer individual and specific requirements and delivery and build schedule established. As the Fassi crane installation is carried out in our own workshop facility we have the ability and flexibility to adapt to changes in the build schedules to accommodate potential unforeseen changes brought upon by other parties in the build process, with constant updates and communication with the customer throughout the build process. On completion of crane installation the Fassi loader will be put through an extensive and thorough test and calibration process in accordance with current manufactures and legislation requirements using the latest software and programming technology ensuring ever installed Fassi loader performs to its maximum levels and achieves the performances required and agreed with the customer from the onset.

On final completion of the whole vehicle the new Fassi loader will be “handed” over to the customer and potential operators of the loader will be given extensive Fassi product familiarisation showing the workings of their new Fassi loader. And once in service we offer a full aftersales support network, covering, support, repairs, testing certification, ALLMI certified lorry loader training. The receipt of your new Fassi loader we hope is the start of a long term mutual relationship not the end of a sales process we want to work in partnership with our valued customers.

Would you like Avon Crane to help you with a project?


The Mary Rose is effectively the first true warship to be built for England and was famously raised from the Solent before a worldwide audience of some 60 million people in 1982 and Avon Crane is proud to have played a part in this project.

Avon Crane installed two new cranes with fly jibs and man baskets on a rail track system enabling the Mary Rose Trust to be able to undertake work to assist in the preservation of the warship for future generations.



Avon Crane were chosen as the primary contractor after rigorous quality and health and safety standards

Our remit was to come up with a suitable lifting device to remove the dive ribs from the water, complete all the diving apparatus on board.

Once we had calculating the weight of the boat, the suction effect of the water and the radius at which the lift should take place we could build a bespoke marine crane for the application.


A Bespoke Marine version, without outriggers for static installation.

Bespoke treatment for marine environment consisting of:

  • Lift ram piston rods coated with 20 micron nickel & 40 micron chrome
  • Extension ram piston rods treated with double chrome
  • Paint based on epoxy component primer to a thickness of 40/50 micron
  • Two coats of special bi-component enamel to a thickness of 60/80 micron
  • Dinitrol application to internal surfaces
  • Double thickness hard nickeling of pins
  • Stainless steel metal bands & screws to max M10
  • Stainless steel pipes


We designed and built a bespoke steel boxed sub frame
Double thickness epoxy primer & topcoat
Power to the crane is via our 3Ph power pack c/w oil tank



New 8 x 2 FH Volvo complete with New Fassi F660A.2.28 with additional winch application.

We designed and fabricated our bespoke full length sub frame using in house TrailerWin & CAD software.

Once the crane installation is completed the vehicle will go through to the body building phase. In this case our container spec body complete with a weight bearing fully hydraulically extending rear end to cater for containers 26ft – 32ft. VBG coupling and flip up rear bumper.

Finally the vehicle is submitted for IVA (Individual Vehicle Approval) at our local Bristol Depot.

Avon Crane manage the entire operation for you from start to finish.